FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the statements?

Yes. For each note you write, you can write introductory and closing paragraphs. Then, for each of the categories of statements (i.e., affective/mental state, themes of the session, interventions, treatment plan) there are several places to generate your own statements specific to the session. Plus, if you find you tend to re-use some of these (e.g., common interventions you use that are not covered in the existing statements) in many of your notes, you can choose to save them (up to 130, distributed across the various sections of the note) to be presented as options each time you create a new note. These features are designed to balance structure and convenience with flexibility and customizability.

Can I get a copy for BOTH Mac and Windows/PC systems?

Yes. The online store is set up to deliver only one version with your initial purchase, but your automatically-emailed receipt will include a link to download the other version as well. Note that the installable program is not compatible with iPad/iPhone, but runs on both Mac and Windows/PC. However we now have a browser-based version that runs on iPads and other tablets: Many clinicians are using this version now, and it is continuously being improved. In your receipt email you will receive a link to access this version (whether you choose a Mac or Windows license).

Can I return the program? What is the license agreement?

You can return the program within 30 days for an unconditional full refund. The full end-user license agreement (EULA) can be seen here.

Can I purchase a group license, or a license for trainees/interns to share?

We work out group licenses on a case by case basis, including the possibility of discounts for listservs. And, we want to encourage good note-keeping among trainees and interns. Please contact us at info [at] to work something out.

Is it difficult to install Note Designer?

Installation is straightforward. There are three steps: You start by providing your "signature line" as you would like it to appear on your notes, and then complete your credit card information. Next you click a link to download the file and simply follow the instructions to install the program. (Mac users may find that they need to press the Control key at the same time as they click to open the program the first time, if they have Mac Gatekeeper activated.) Finally, when you first open Note Designer from your list of applications it will ask for your personal authorization code, which will already be in an email that was automatically sent to you when you made your purchase. If you experience any installation problems at all, please just contact us at notedesigner[at] and we'll be happy to help out.

How do I enter my authorization code?

The authorization code is of the form

 Robert Hartley, Ph.D./ZXXBKBCDWPA 

and you are advised to copy/paste this entire code (including your name) from your receipt email into the authorization window (which will be obvious when you start the program).

What can I do if I lose my password(s)?

In the Help menu you will find an option for retrieving lost passwords. The window that opens will instruct you to locate the "password retrieval" code from the original email that was sent to you when you purchased Note Designer. Simply copy that from the email and then paste it into the password retrieval window then press "submit". All the passwords you have used will be listed for you to write down and then use to access your notes in the usual way. If you are unable to find your password retrieval code you can contact us (via NoteDesigner [at] and we will help you out.

Can I use this as a system for electronic note keeping?

Although there is a storage function in Note Designer, the intent is that this will be used as short-term storage until you can print your note and then erase it from storage. Note Designer is not intended as a system for electronic note keeping, but rather as a tool to help with structured and efficient paper note keeping. Or, you can copy-paste your completed note into a word processor for further editing and storage.

Do you have a video demonstrating the program?

We have video at the bottom of our main page HERE.

Do you have any guidelines for writing notes?

We are compiling some guidelines and helpful tips HERE.

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