Key benefits to you:

  • Install on all your computers for your convenience; Mac or PC/Windows, or both. Or access a version in your browser (included with your purchase of a regular license.)
  • You are in charge of your confidential data. Information is stored only on your computer; not via the internet.
  • Get started right away: Program is intuitive and easy to use
  • Developed by psychologists for psychologists and other mental health professionals
  • Reasonably priced: Roughly the price of one session
  • One-time unlimited-license fee; No monthly or additional fees

Features of the basic session note:

  • Over 300 phrases to choose from, organized according to the client/patient's affective and mental state, the themes of the session, the interventions or treatments in the session, and an evaluation of progress plus plans for ongoing treatment. SOAP format is also an option.
  • Customize your own statements for each section of the note (including up to 40 'themes' and 40 'interventions'), and store these as options for all your future notes.
  • Add specific comments about the session, as appropriate.
  • Each note includes your personalized signature line, to which you can add lines with your institutional affiliation, address, etc.
  • Print your note, copy it to your word processor, or save it to be printed later.

Additional features include:

  • Set your preferences for wording (e.g., "client" vs "patient"), font style and size, background color.
  • Create an Intake Note or Termination Summary, or print a blank session note template to fill in by hand.
  • **Includes a new "Treatment Plan" module at no extra charge.
  • Add Session Duration and Session Fee if desired, or customize your own headings as needed.
  • Backup your work as you go in case you get interrupted; then resume where you left off.
  • Notes are saved to a password-protected database (for short-term storage; not intended as a system of electronic file keeping). Storage is to your harddrive - never via the internet.

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