A crucial part of our work as clinicians is keeping appropriate records. Note Designer was created in 2013 by two psychologists who wanted a better way to generate therapy notes. It is a simple, intuitive, but effective program with which you build your progress note by selecting from over three hundred phrases - or you can design your own set of phrases. The program automatically combines your choices into a note with your personalized signature line at the bottom. Print your note immediately or store it temporarily - on your own computer, never over the internet - until a printer is available. Or you can copy the note into a word processor or program of your choice. You can learn more about the features or watch a video demonstration below. Or examine our pricing and purchase your personalized copy now, and give it a try. (We follow an unconditional 30-day refund policy for all software and apps: If it turns out to be not quite what you are looking for, let us know and we will refund your payment promptly.)

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"I just used it and am more than delighted at the amount of time this software is saving me. Many many thanks!!" -- A.V., Psychologist

"Your program is fun to use and intuitive." -- C.S., Ph.D.

"The software has already saved me hours of work and a truck load of frustration. Thanks!" -- R.R., MAMFT

"I love the program, it's exactly what I was looking for!" J.S., MA, LPC

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