Thousands of therapists currently use Note Designer to help them write their notes. Here’s what they have said:

“I just purchased Note Designer and did my first set of notes – this is going to change my life.  I was seriously looking for notes I may have forgotten to write – because I was having fun!  This is the most amazing thing I have found – I am so happy!!!!” — L.D., MSW

“I have been using your product for several weeks and I want to send you my personal endorsement.  My note-keeping has been enhanced, and my time writing notes has been significantly reduced.  Thanks!!!”J. S., LCSW

“Thank you again, busy playing with it now, what a brilliant product, it will be a game changer!” — A.R., Clinical Psychologist

“To The Designers:  I would like to say thank you for such a great product. I have been using it now for I think 2 or maybe 3 months and I have really enjoyed it! Writing short, consistent, SOAP style notes has always been a struggle for me when it comes to being concise and formulating what happens in written form in the therapy room. Your software has been something I have been searching for literally for years without having to sign up with very expensive bundled EMR software. I love the flexibility and the ease of use of your product. Recently, I switched from one EMR platform to another and lost my built in [competitor’s name deleted] Tx planners but to my delight, since I have a Note Designer subscription, I was able to easily make this transition and wrote my first treatment plan in a matter of minutes and cut and pasted, and actually the ability to add my own phrases only increases the value of the plan because I curtail it to my specific client versus cookie cutter plans. I just wanted to give you direct positive praise on your product, thank you!  Sincerely,” — S.M.

“Thank you! I am enjoying the software, it has brought me relief with my practice!” — C.D.

“Thank you! I love this program and recommend it to all my colleagues! I appreciate your great customer service! Warm Regards.” — S.B., MS, LMHC, LPC

“The downloaded version is amazing and has made things so much easier for me and I’m excited for the online version as well. Thank you so much for putting forth all the time and effort into creating this service, it’s wonderful.” — Y.S.

“The program expedites the note writing and works very well. I love writing notes with this program.” — R.C.,M.D. ,Wichita, US

“Note designer has given me back time. It can be difficult to put together a great note between clients. Note Designer lets me get my notes done in 15-20 between clients, which means I get to get home in time for dinner. Thanks very much!!” — K.P., M.A. LPCC, Denver, CO

“Your program is fun to use and intuitive.” — C.S., Ph.D.

“OMG! Your product is brilliant …I just installed it on my laptop – i’ll do my desktop on the weekend but this is unbelievable. This is the best product on the market. Thank you” — I.K. , Toronto.

“I have found your product unique, useful and a great attempt to address and stream line a time consuming task. Kind regards,” — L.P.

“I’ve been doing counseling for about 8 years, I have attempted to create my own forms, used online companies paying upwards of $25.00 and up per month. What you have given is something that CANNOT compare, when you figure the price of monthly charges, risk of information being hacked, etc. The fact that it’s a download and the information does not stay on the hard drive unless the user wants it to, Is an immeasurable tool. Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful time saving gift.” — M. O., Michigan

“Note Designer has transformed my practice & has really made me a more effective clinician. I just love it!” — T.R., MMFT, MBA

“Note Designer has helped me keep up with the weekly task of writing up my progress notes. This is usually something I dread, and often feel stuck with writer’s block – but no more with Note Designer. I simply have to scan through my personal notes, pick out the main topics of discussion and interventions, and click the appropriate statements in the software. And voila, note is done! I can breeze through my notes quite easily, and avoid having to think too much (and let’s face it, after a full day or week of clients, we could all use a little break in thinking!). I also can avoid my tendency to write volumes of unnecessary detail in what should remain a fairly neutral and factual legal document. I’ve recommended Note Designer to all my colleagues!” — J.D., Ph.D., Montreal

“It’s the coolest thing ever!” — E.D., Ph.D., LMFT

“Hi there – I am really enjoying the note designer program and quite in awe of how efficient it makes my process. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought and research into this design.” — K.T., LPC, CRC

“I have investigated numerous systems and services for keeping client progress notes and Note Designer has been the most helpful by far. The fact that this program was made for my Mac [and Windows too – ed.] makes this the one system that I use consistently. I appreciate the range of descriptive statements available for notes, the simplicity of the program, and the increased efficiency and time savings that Note Designer allows. I also appreciate the ability to save and reuse personalized statements. I especially like that you have included options for therapists with orientations beyond the standard CBT, behaviorally-oriented, symptom-focused treatment approaches. The limited behavior-oriented focus of other note keeping systems has been a complete deal breaker for me. Overall, I am very satisfied with the program.” — JC, MFT, Virginia

“I love the program, it’s exactly what I was looking for!” — J.S., MA, LPC

“Thank you, very, very much. I am Absolutely loving this program thus far. I FINALLY found a program that is clean, easy and just makes sense. And!!!! Excellent customer service. THANK YOU!!!” — CB PhD, LMHC

“If you’re considering purchasing note designer, know this:

  1. The program is thorough (more than enough options/descriptions), well designed (clear – intuitive), and offers the flexibility to customize features.
  2. The program is incredibly user friendly. I was able to compose a note as soon as I opened the program, which I installed within a few minutes (at most) on my macbook air. I am not particularly technologically adept.
  3. I made an inquiry before purchasing and received an answer within several hours. The response was personal, professional, and friendly. I was assured that if the program didn’t “work for me” that I would be refunded “immediately.”
  4. After about 3 weeks, I determined that in my particular agency, the program was a great reference but not quite what I needed due to the structure and nature of my work. This was in no way a reflection on the product’s quality.
  5. Within a couple of hours of reporting my wish to return the product, I was contacted by the same individual who had handled my previous inquiry. I received two emails simultaneously: one was a thank you for trying the product, and the other was an immediate refund.

The quality of the product is outstanding. The program offers ample choice and depth of information while maintaining a spectacularly intuitive design. All of this married with exceptional service, results in a review written as both encouragement for those interested, as well as a thank you to the company for such a smooth and pleasant transaction.” — L.O.

“I just used it and am more than delighted at the amount of time this software is saving me. Many many thanks!!” — A.V., Psychologist

“What your company has created is incredibly helpful to any clinician, especially to a psychotherapist. As the former C.O.O. for a Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Treatment Center, I know how difficult it is as one watches a clinician or therapist struggle with finding the proper wording for clear documentation. There is also time restraints on such documentation and when a therapist is under pressure to get all progress notes and assessment completed in a timely manner, it simply stresses out the therapist. ..Your program eliminates that issue and produces the proper documentation in a limited amount of time, while still producing quality documentation in order to meet the state guidelines.” — J.S., California

“The software has already saved me hours of work and a truck load of frustration. Thanks!” — R.R., MAMFT

“Thank you for your help, I love the program it has made my documentation so much faster.” — S.J., LCPC

“I’m now using your program and it is wonderful! I added my own list of ‘trigger phrases’ into the spaces provided. I am able to quickly document a pretty comprehensive report of the clinical encounter. Thank you so much for creating the program.” — P.H., LCSW

“This is awesome, will save me many hours of anxiety. It copy/pastes without a problem into ECW. My add-on psychotherapy will be a a work of art. Thanks.” –MK, Alabama

“I’ve been a clinical therapist for 15 years and highly recommend Note Designer. It affords me the opportunity to spend more time planning sessions for my clients, as opposed to transcribing the session. The statements are concise and succinct while covering a vast array of topics and interventions. The hours this program has saved me are countless! Love the program!” — KC, LCSW, Illinois

“This program is an absolute lifesaver. I tell everyone about it! ” — M.F., PhD, California

“Thank you so very much! I have found that using this tool is making it so much easier for me to generate my weekly session notes! I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I love it. It has made my private practice so much more doable. I love that I can add my own content, particularly for interventions that aren’t listed that I use regularly.” — K.B., LCSW

“Thank you!!! You are wonderful to work with!!” — J.H., LCPC, Illinois

“I’ve been using Note Designer for a few months and can say it’s proved itself very useful for me – not only in greatly speeding up the (often tedious) task of writing progress notes, but also in expanding my own treatment vocabulary. Also, for the price, it’s proved itself worthwhile many times over.” — E.S., LCSW, Las Cruces, NM

“Great program!!! So happy someone developed something like this!” — D.H., LCSW, Kentucky.

“This is an amazing package.” — M.N., Registered Psychologist, Australia

“I’ve been using your system for about 6 mths now. I like it and my new business partner also purchased one so she can do her notes.” — K.E., LPC.

“Hi there, I am a therapist in Chattanooga, TN and I just purchased your Note Designer. In just one hour from the time I discovered your product, I purchased and logged 6 client notes without any issue or trouble. This included learning to navigate associated passwords and all. The thing I tend to dread in my practice is note taking and it has now has become a source of thoughtful more meaningful engagement allowing me to add my own voice where needed. I have already shared my excitement and enthusiasm with 15 colleagues in our practice and a sister practice we recently launched for pre-licesnced therapists. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Warmly,” — H.S., MAMFT, Tennessee.

“Thank you! I LOVE the program! It has been incredibly useful, effective and efficient!!!” — S.S., Psychologist, Ontario, Canada.

“Thank you for your message. That’s very helpful. I want to also say how pleased I am with this product it has been immensely helpful, and was exactly what I needed. Have a great day” — L.K., Art Therapist, New Jersey

“I purchased Note Designer from you on January 13th. I downloaded it to my laptop and my life has not been the same since. I absolutely love it! Writing notes is so much less stressful for me. Thank you!” – J.J., LCSW, Montana

“Thank you. I love your product” — JL, PhD

“I am glad I purchase Note Designer, it has saved me a lot of time, I have also recommended to co-workers. Thank you !” — R.H., M.S., LPC, Oklahoma

“Just completed my first note! Love the program, what a time and energy saver!” — M.G., LPC, Colorado

“One of my personal goals as a therapist is to use proper clinical terms when writing progress notes for my clients . However, I found it difficult to come up with or look for the right terms to use. Note Designer has made it easier for me to not only use clinical terms but also the proper terms for clinical intervention. I am spending less time in doing my notes. The software is easy to use, you can add your own items and interventions. I am very satisfied with this software and highly recommend it.” — G.C., LCSW-C

“Dear Note Designer, I want to tell you again, how much I love your product. It makes my life so much easier and I wouldn’t be as effective in my work without it!’ — J.H., MS, LCPC, Illinois

“Documentation has always been my least favorite part of being a therapist. Note Designer transformed my note-writing time from mindless drudgery into an opportunity to mindfully reflect on my clients and my practice. I love that Note Designer allows me to protect my clients’ confidentiality by avoiding the use of the cloud. Thank you!” — B.P., LCSW, California

“I have a small practice. I searched several months for the right therapy note tool to decrease the time spent creating notes. I found Note Designer, but was still not sure it would meet my needs. The search continued with 30 day trials. Finally, I decided upon Note Designer. It’s concise, user friendly. Note Designer allows me to incorporate my standard notes, while teaching me how to effectively write notes. I document, and file way. That simple!” — J.C., San Jose, California

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