The Fast, Effective, and Affordable Way to Write All Your Therapy Notes.

Note Designer virtually writes your notes for you. With hundreds of pre-set, professionally-written statements, and the option to create and fully customize your own: Just select-click and your notes are done.

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  • Individual Annual
    $150 USD/year
    • For an individual user
    • Runs in your browser
    • Access from any computer
    • Even lower annual fee
    • Highly customizable
  • Group Monthly
    $12 USD/month per user
    • For groups of 3 or more
    • Low monthly fees
    • Same features as basic plan
    • Transferable to new users
    • Ideal for clinics
  • Group Annual
    $120 USD/year per user
    • For groups of 3 or more
    • One low annual payment
    • Same features as basic plan
    • Transferable to new users
    • Ideal for clinics

What are the Features of Note Designer?

*30-day trial period: Just return for a full refund if you are not satisfied

*HIPAA compliant: You are in charge of your protected health information

*Notes are never stored in the cloud, to protect the confidentiality of your information.

*You can access Note Designer on-line from all of your devices (e.g., laptop, iPad, Chrome book)

*Point-and-Click your note is done: Hundreds of professionally written phrases to choose from

*Content is organized in an easy-to-use and structured form in all Note Designer templates

*Includes Basic, SOAP, BIRP, DAP, Couples, and Child & Family Therapy progress note types

*Treatment Plan, Risk Assessment, Intake Report, and Termination Report also included

*You can edit, rearrange, and modify all Note Designer content to suit your practice

*You can “like” and “hide” Note Designer statements to organize the program as you wish

*Customize your own statements and content for use in all your future notes

*Customize your own note templates to suit your particular practice needs

*All of your customized content is stored safely for your future use

*You can add your digital signature to easily sign your notes with just one click

*Copy and save your notes on your own device or upload them into your EHR

*New content and features upgraded regularly

*Affordable, time-saving, and easy to use

Screenshot of Note Designer

  • “I just used it and am more than delighted at the amount of time this software is saving me. Many, many thanks!"

    – A.V., Psychologist
  • "The software has already saved me hours of work and a truckload of frustration. Thanks!"

    – R.R., MAMFT
  • "I love the program, it's exactly what I was looking for!"

    – J.S., MA, LPC
  • "The program expedites the note writing and works very well. I love writing notes with this program."

    – R.C.,M.D. ,Wichita, US
  • "Dear Note Designer, I want to tell you again, how much I love your product. It makes my life so much easier and I wouldn't be as effective in my work without it!"

    -J.H., MS, LCPC, Illinois
  • "Thank you! I love this program and recommend it to all my colleagues! I appreciate your great customer service! Warm Regards."

    - S.B., MS, LMHC, LPC
  • "Great program!!! So happy someone developed something like this!"

    -D.H., LCSW, Kentucky

Note Designer was created in 2013 by mental health professionals who wanted a better way to create professional and comprehensive therapy notes.

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